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Five Tips to Hiring the Right Limo Service for Your Wedding

There’s no better way to add to the festivities than hiring a limousine service for you and your guests’ travel. However, choosing the right limo service is a little tricky and can cost you a lot if you make a rash or uninformed decision.

In this blog, we’ll help you find the right limo service for a wedding in Abu Dhabi. Here’s a list of tips you need to read before finalizing the car service for your big day.

Research, Referral, Recommendations  

These are the three most important Rs of finding a limousine service. Research extensively online, get referrals from friends and browse recommendations online. This is where your quest to hire the best limo service should begin.

Packages and Details

Believe it or not, a wedding is a time to avail discounts and promotional packages. Once you have shortlisted a few chauffeur services, ask them about their special wedding packages and customization. By doing this, you can avail cheap limousines, complimentary drinks, free decoration, or champagne for your guests or yourself.

Fleet Variety

While some couples prefer to hire a limo car only for their commute, others hire a party bus or luxury cars for their guests. Whatever floats your boat, make sure you inquire about their fleet and the variety of cars you can choose from. Design, space, model, and colors are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while picking a car.

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Meet the Chauffeur

Request the limousine service you’re hiring to arrange a meeting with your designated chauffeur so that you can decide if it’s the right person for you or not. Some of the features a trained chauffeur should have are communication skills, professional attire, and a positive demeanor.

Value for Money  

No matter who’s paying for the chauffeur service, value for the money should be a factor. Ask the limo services regarding their complementary services, additional charges, and everything they’ll do for the quoted rates. Have a clear day plan regarding how many cars for how many hours and what kind of services you expect from the chauffeur services.

Play it Safe

Make sure you sign a written contract with the limousine service containing all the details of your arrangement. If you want all this and more on your wedding day, you can also reach out to us at YasLimo.

We provide wedding day luxury limos, private cars with drivers, and party limos for all special occasions.

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